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Hyindoor workshops

Past Workshops

Hyindoor Final Workshop 2014

Date: 11 December 2014
Place: Les Loges-en-Josas, France (on the way between Paris and Versailles)
Venue: Relais de Courlande
Agenda: Download final agenda

List of presentations*

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Opening (introduction by Project coordinator B L’Hostis, Chairman of the HyIndoor governing board, G Dang-Nhu and Chairman of ISO TC 268 Hervé Barthélémy)
Project overview and main outcomes (presenter – B L’Hostis)

Session 1
“General safety strategies for inherently safer hydrogen use indoors” (Chairs: D Houssin, AL; V Molkov, UU)
Safety objectives, phenomena and consequences map (presenter – V Molkov, UU)
General rules, best practices and safety strategies (presenter – D Houssin, AL)

Session 2
“Ventilation of unignited releases” (Chairs: G Bernard-Michel, CEA; A Venetsanos, NCSRD)
Passive and forced ventilation systems with one vent (presenter – B Chernyavsky, UU)
Comparative analysis of ventilation with one and two vents (presenters – S Jallais, AL, G Bernard-Michel, CEA)
Pressure peaking phenomenon validation (presenter – V Shentsov, UU)

Session 3
“Mitigation of hydrogen indoor deflagrations” (Chairs: M Kuznetsov, KIT; S Jallais,  AL)
Vent sizing correlation for low strength equipment and buildings (presenter – B Chernyavsky, UU)
Localized mixture deflagrations: Inventory limit and mitigation by venting (presenter – V Molkov, UU)
Overview of experimental findings in HyIndoor project: Presentation 1 & Presentation 2 (presenters – M Kuznetsov, KIT; P Hooker, HSL)

Session 4
“Dealing with hydrogen jet fires” (Chairs: P Hooker, HSL, V Shentsov, UU)
Jet fire experiments in laboratory scale facility (presenter – M Kuznetsov, KIT)
Observations from real scale indoor fire experiments (presenter – P Hooker, HSL)
CFD and engineering tools for fire characterization (presenter – V Shentsov, UU)

Session 5
“Sensors for hydrogen detection” (Chairs: D Baraldi, JRC; E de Wit, HyGEAR)
Assessment of sensor performance and selectivity (presenter – E Weidner, JRC)

Session 6
“Concluding session and roundtable discussion” (Facilitator:  B L`Hostis, AL)
Proposal for RCS amendment and practical examples (presenters – R Dey, CCS; G Dang-Nhu, AL)


Hyindoor Advanced Research Workshop (ARW)

The workshop was organised in coordination with the 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety.

Date: 12 September 2013
Place: Brussels
Venue: FCH-JU office
Agenda: download final agenda

You may request a copy of the presentations given by addressing an email to: It will be sent to you within a few days.

List of presentations

Session 1

Regimes of hydrogen dispersion in closed space - I.Kirillov
Passive ventilation of enclosure with one vent and the uniformity criterion - V.Molkov, V. Shentsov, J. Quintiere
Build-up in unventilated rooms and enclosures with one and two vents: engineering point of view - S. Jallais
Accumulation of hydrogen released into vented enclosure – experimental results - P. Hooker, J. Hall, D. Willoughby, J. Hoyes
Experimental studies of dispersion at CEA - G. Bernard-Michel, B. Cariteau
Hydrogen release and deflagration experiments within a scaled, ventilated warehouse - I. Ekoto, W. Houf, G. Evans, E. Merilo, M. Groethe
HyIndoor CFD benchmark on hydrogen dispersion in Gamelan enclosure: further results from NCSRD - A. Venetsanos

Session 2

Hydrogen vented deflagrations at FM global: tests and modelling - R. Bauwens, S. Dorofeev
Hydrogen vented deflagration: modelling - J. Yanez, A. Kotchourko, M. Kuznetsov
Simulation of hydrogen-air deflagrations within ventilated warehouse enclosures - W. Houf, I. Ekoto, G. Evans. E. Merilo, M. Groethe
Effect of Rayleigh-Taylor instability on vented deflagrations - J. Keenan, D. Makarov, V. Molkov

Session 3

Interpretation of small and medium scale experiments with an enclosed burner fire - A. Chamchin, G. Mikhviladze, J. Mai
Regularities of hydrogen jet fire indoors: numerical experiments, - V. Molkov, V. Shentsov, S. Brennan, D. Makarov
Hydrogen jet fires in confined space - A. Kotchourko, M. Kuznetsov

Session 4

Introduction to safety strategy - B. L’Hostis
Safety strategy within hydrogen mine introduction initiative (HMI) - A. Tchouvelev, M. Betournay, P. Benard
Toward safety strategies for indoor use of hydrogen - D. Makarov, V. Molkov, B. Chernyavsky